Finding the best forex trading platform can be a difficult task. Their are literally 1000's of platforms to choose from. If you do a Google search some of the most popular ones will pop up however they may not be the best for you. 


Choosing the best forex trading platform should fit your trading style and level of expertise. Some trading platforms do not offer as many currency pairs when compared to others. I would look for a trading platform that offers not only the major currency pairs but also the minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs. These platforms open the doors for you to earn the most money because of the availability for more trading opportunities. Many of the trading platforms only offer the major currency pairs which limit your opportunities. Even if your a beginner your trading style and strategy should apply to most currency pairs. The only trading style that would differ from the majors is if your a strictly fundamental trader who just trades the news and stories of current events pertaining to the economies of the countries. 

Forex trading platforms and tutorials will help you to learn how trade inside the fx market. When people join these platforms they tend to neglect some of the tutorials the company has provided for them. The tutorials are free and very trustworthy. People have gone from beginners inside the foreign exchage to experienced based on the education received from their online forex broker. 


Another great selling point for trading platforms are the tools available. Tools like trading history, charting tools, software, educational resources and more. As you research various trade platforms, you will notice the difference in what each site offers. Sometimes you might get a platform that has so many resources and information that can be overwhleming at first.  Free forex trading tools software can help you out alot. 

Another great tool to have in your arsenal is the best forex trading robot 2020. The 1000pipclimbersystem will truly blow you away and amaze you with how easy it is to operate and install. 


The metatrader 4 forex trading download is a platform for both experienced and beginner traders. Great for automating a lot of the tedios work and tasks associated with fx trading. MT4 is free to install on your computer and is used in conjuction with your online forex broker. Every fxbroker is not compatible with the MT4 trading platform. 


The best trading platform will have low fees. I wish we could a free forex trading platform but unfortunately each trade you place in the market will have a fee associated with it. Each platform charges differently and may even offer a cash rebate for the trades you enter. The cash rebates are great for advanced traders who trade daily. If your just starting out, the cash rebate may look promising however other trading platforms may offer lower fees with each trade. Even though some brokers do not offer any rebates it may be a better platform when your just a beginner because you might not enter enough trades to qualify. 


A good platform will offer 24/7 customer support. Since the markets are open 24/7 it will be nice if the broker your trading with will also be open for any issues and problems that may arise. 


Make sure the trading platform you choose has a good sized membership. Those platforms without many members may not be good for various reasons. A good forex trading platform will also offer good security and have great accreditation. All of the forex trading organizations in the United states and has clients in the U.S has to register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Organization (NFO). These two organizations will regulate and provide laws for the trading platforms to follow. If your wanting to trade in the United States I would definitely be on the look out for these two organizations on their website. 

I did not compare and contrast various trading platforms because there are literally thousands of them. I am by far not an expert on each one and I would not feel comfortable saying these are the top 10 or 20 without knowing the ins and outs of the 1000's. What I will say is the most popular trading platform is MetaTrader 4 and 5. Whether it is the best forex trading platform that can be debatable. They offer a suite of tools and resources for forex traders especially for the traders who automate or want to automate their trading and can be downloaded for free. 


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