Forex Factory is one of the top forums and resources of information for forex trading. With that said its more geared for people who are not beginners. It is an extensive location for forex information and data that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. If you are just starting out with forex trading it is still a great place to join because the forum is packed with information and subscribers who provide awesome feedback. Your able to subscribe to the users who you like and receive emails whenever they make a new thread or answer the forum. The ability to subscribe to the users trading efforts, who made the information public, is another great resource the website provides. 

The website provides very unique features that your unable find anywhere else along with some common features such as news, calendar, and forums. Unique features include sections defined as the market, trade explorer, and the aggragrated data accross multiple forex platforms integrated into one location. 


forex factory market

Here is a section of Forex Factory called market. A great section within the site that allows you to look at live charts for the currency pairs with the ability to add even more full and half charts to the same page. Your able to view the pip changes for the last 6 hrs, current prices in real time, and more. You can view 8 currency pairs at one time via the "scanner" and have the ability to add more scanners to view even more currency pairs at one time. A wealth of information that is very valuable for the every day trader. 


trade explorer

Within Forex Factory users have the ability to create a trade explorer. I cannot express to you how amazing this section is. This portion is optional however if you do decide to opt-in you will have access to all your data in relation to your trades in the past and present. The section provides a broad overview of your trading data as well as specific and very detailed data for each currency pair traded, win loss margin. profit by day, month, year.

Depending on what broker you have you may not be able to use this section. Integreted with at least 1'000 different forex brokers however if your broker is not available than you can request it to be added. You can make your data public, available to friends only, or make it totally private. The cool thing with trade explorer is many users make this section public so your able to subscribe and follow along with their trading, see the extensive data from their trade history and so forth and so on. 


The Forex Factory news trading ea is an automatic trading robot that is used inside the foreign exchange. Many automatic forex software programs exist for sale which utilizes the news section of the website to make fundamental trades automatically. The news section of forex factory is one of the best collections of the best sources of fx trading information in the world.

Forex Factory is such a positive website for traders. The website encourages people to connect and learn from one another. It is an extensive resource of data in real time. A centralized location for all of your foreign exchange trading needs. The website is 100% free and your never asked to upgrade for a fee or anything like that. 


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