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I could not find many forex trading classes near me. However, if you are looking for fx trade classes near your location than you have come to the right place. Many fx classes are online promising you a return or some type of monetary gain. Anytime you run into programs like this you should turn away because markets change everyday. What worked in the past may not work in the future and those programs sound like they are only interested in your money. What will earn you money in the markets is a proper education. Connecting with the right class, teachings, or seminars from qualified people and institutions with proper certifications and proven track records will help you tremendously in your learning efforts. I have assembled some accredited institutions, proven forex coaches, and the #1 ranked community for learning forex. 

College Forex Trading Classes Near Me

If your having some difficulty locating trade classes that you can trust I have been in the same boat. I had been searching for forex trading classes near me when I first started out and could not find them right away. Believe it or not I have discovered accredited colleges and universities that offer college credit for taking forex courses. College courses include Instruction in Forex Trading Course, Principals of Financial Risk Assesment Course, International Markets And Economics Concepts Course, and more! You will find more information on along with schools near you that offer the courses. 

Private One On One Coaching

The next best thing to finding some good fx training is private one on one coaching.  The training is availalbe in the U.S and Canada only however. I havent used the training personally but they are endorsed by over 10 blue chip companies including Amazon, Apple, Youtube, DailyForex, AxiTrader, and more.

They also received five stars from the Forex Peace Army which is an organization that started in 2005 posting reviews for forex services, highly regarded in the fx community and do not give out 5 stars that easily when you look at all the forex services that are reviewed within the website.

What I also find interesting with this training is they offer a form which opens the door for communication to make sure the training is right for you. They do not ask for money or have a bunch of promotional items, instead they want speak with you first to make sure trading will be right for you. Also provided is a huge amount of resources for free including an e-book that could easily be sold for $50-$100 for the wealth of information that is inside. 

#1 Live Forex Training And Trading Room

Since I could not find awesome forex trading classes near me, I ended up joining a community of traders which has been open for 15 years. What is unique about this training room is the site is live for 2 hours everyday showing how members trade live. You will find many videos online that show success with past trades but how often do you find live training rooms that show members with different levels of experience trading in front of your eyes with real money. Imagine the learning and training you will receive by watching this.

The video room is great by watching many different forex trading strategies at work. This will help you to formulate your own trading strategy for when it is your time to put your money in play. One thing I would not recommend is copying someones strategy as you run the risk of losing money in future trades. I made the mistake in thinking I could just watch for a while and then copy what they are doing. Boy was I wrong. Instead I had to learn the hard way to formulate my own strategy. Not only do people lose money while trading live but even on the succesful trades you still have to learn why a trader may be thinking the way they are at that particular time. Read my forex grid trading EA review which outlines what to look out for in regards to fx automated trading robots. 

Forex Trading Courses Singapore Reviews

Check out forex trading courses Singapore Reviews. A great free resource for people to learn from the most followed fx trader in Singapore Rayner Teo. He is not only the top fx trader in singapore, he is well known around the world for his public blog and his expertise currency trading. A well respected and trustworthy source of trading information. 

Forex Trading Brokers In Nigeria

ForexTime is the best forex trading broker in Nigeria. They offer free demo accounts, and some of the best forex education resources for forex that you will ever find in a broker. Many Africans utilize this site to go from a novice trader to an experienced one. The platform offers:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • A licensed and regulated platform
  • Free demo account
  • Tight security
  • Account manager
  • Teaches fx trading strategies
  • And much more!

Forex Trading Brokers Hong Kong

Find out the best forex trading brokers Hong Kong. Hongkongers will benefit from online fx trading brokers that offer low fees per trade as well amazing educational resources. All of the brokers are registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. 

When I was searching for forex trading classes near me, I ended up finding many trustworthy online sources. Many powerful and trusted sources existed along with some not so good ones. The key was to find popular blogs and websites with great reviews to gain a basic understanding of the forex market. I learned the foreign exchange is full of retail traders from all over the world who became very successful. I decided to become just like one of them and my trades have done very well after some very hard work. 


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